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Hitting The Right Spot With a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is simply a charm. The toy came to fame with the HBO blockbuster “Sex and the City” and is one of the most sought-after adult toys today. What makes a rabbit vibrator really special is the amazing “blended orgasm” the toy promises. Put simply, the toy is intelligently designed to hit the right spot and it stimulates your clit and G-spot simultaneously.   If you haven’t tried a rabbit vibrator before, you must give it a serious thought, lest you would be missing out on something really big.

A brief overview on rabbit vibrator

First of all, you should know a word and two about the unique design of rabbit vibes. These rotating and vibrating sex toys come in a phallic shape with tapering end. But, that’s not the whole thing about it. The toy also features an attached clitoral stimulator which appears like rabbit ears. And hence the name “rabbit vibrators”.

When the toy is set on vibration, the attached bunny ears start to flicker which go on to stimulate your clit like a boss. The toy is used for internal insertion. So, as you will insert the toy inside, it will stimulate your vagina while the ears will do wonders to stimulate the clit simultaneously. As the toy works to stimulate both the areas, it’s said to reward users with a intensely powerful “blended orgasm”.

Perks of using rabbit vibrators

According to sex experts, rabbit vibrator is a must-have in every woman’s adult toy collection. There are plenty of great reasons to have a bunny vibe handy when you are in the mood of naughty indulgences. Here is a brief on the best perks of using rabbit vibrators.

Quicker orgasm

A lot of women tend to masturbate to de-stress and quicker it gets, the better. A rabbit vibe is just the thing you will need here. According to experts and seasoned users, the bunny vibrator helps you to reach orgasm real fast. The very design of the toy induces extremely powerful stimulation which allows users to cum in just minutes. In fact, the toy offers faster results compared to many other sex toys around. And that’s a wonderful thing when you are looking forward to get rid of your stress and tension as fast as possible.

It’s to note here, it’s not the veteran users who get to enjoy a super-fast orgasm with a rabbit vibrator. New users too will be able to experience the same delight.

Great for quickie

There are times when you crave for those powerful stimulations but can’t afford much time for the act. This is where a rabbit vibrator comes to your rescue. These are one of the best toys when you are looking forward to a fulfilling quickie.

Just lie down on back and spread legs to create the perfect missionary position. Then, let your partner enter into you while the rabbit vibe sits firmly down under to stimulate your clit. So, one hand, you will have your partner awakening your vagina with his powerful thrusts. On another, you will have the playful bunny ears caressing your clit. The end result is thrilling bouts of orgasm in just a few minutes. If you are not with a partner, you can just insert the longer part of the toy inside your vagina to enjoy the pleasures of penetrative sex. A rabbit vibrator will reward you with the most memorable quickie ever.

Versatile toy

As mentioned previously, a rabbit vibrator indulges you in the powerful pleasure of blended orgasm. As you will be stimulated in both ways, the level of pleasure will only be more intense and more exciting here.

However, there is more to the toy than just blended orgasm. It’s to stress here, some of these toys come with independent vibe control facilities for their external and internal stimulator. It’s not necessary that you will prefer the same level of buzz both internally and externally. You might want more buzz with clit stimulation and less with vaginal one. Modern rabbit vibrators with individual buzz control mechanism allow you to enjoy the toy just the way you wish to.

Lasting orgasm

This is certainly one of the biggest reasons to have a rabbit vibrator in your adult toy collection.

Research studies have shown that a rabbit vibrator rewards users with a long-lasting bout of orgasm. In fact, according to the reports, orgasm achieved through rabbit vibrator tends to last 17% longer compared to hand masturbation.

Top rabbit vibrators for you

You must be all eager to try out a rabbit vibrator with your partner. Well, here is a curated list of some of the best rabbit vibes around that will enable you to savor a truly unforgettable experience every time. Take note that aside from this list, you can also find top-notch vibrators at www.lovegasm.co.


This wonder rabbit vibe from Lelo works with perfect finger-like precision and hits all the right spots like a boss. While inserted, the toy will move in surging waves creating the ideal come-hither motion of a fulfilling penetrative sex. In regards to the buzz part, the toy assures deep quiet vibrations and you won’t have to worry about embarrassing sounds here. Besides, the toy allows users to choose from as many as 10 types of vibe settings. It’s external wave function allows hands-free strokes on clit to reward you with an invigorating clit stimulation.

We-Vibe Nova

This remote-controlled rabbit vibrator is excellent for couples in long-distance relationships. The toy is intelligently designed with a slim ultra-accessible curved shaft which hits right on your sweet spot. The huge surface area of the vibe allows super-strong clit stimulation as well. The toy is made from silicone which makes it flexible, soft, comfortable and also body-safe.

FemmeFun Booster

The pink shade looks pretty and powerful right from the first sight. Its realistic shaft speaks of powerful stimulation that can drive you crazy in just minutes. When it comes to the buzz factor, the toy allows you to choose from 7 types of settings. The toy is made from silicone which is another major factor to consider it for your collection.