Short and Sweet – A Strap-on Guide You Need

by Brant Leachman,

Short and Sweet – A Strap-on Guide You Need

We, humans, are known for not letting nature limit us. We don’t have wings, and yet we fly; we don’t have gills, and yet we dive. Well, strap-ons are just another great example of how people won’t let simple limits stop them from doing what they like. Curious to know more?

The common belief is that only the lesbian community uses strap-ons. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pegging, for instance, is very popular among straight couples (when a woman puts on a strap-on to have anal sex with her partner). Men also use strap-ons with their female partners for double penetration, to help with their erectile dysfunction and a whole bunch of other reasons. And yes, gay, bisexual, transsexual and genderqueer people also use strap-ons.

So, you see, this sex toy is fun for everyone.

Why do people like it so much?

Well, it’s very simple. The fact that your hands are suddenly free to hold your partner closer and stimulate their other parts is liberating. These sex toys allow you to receive and give pleasure in new ways.

But how can you choose the best one for you?

Make sure to get the type that suits you. You can choose between strap-ons with harnesses or the ones without. You can also pick any material or style you like; it only matters that you’re happy with it.

Strap-ons with harnesses come in several shapes

Three strap – loops around each leg and the waist. The comfortable harness provides satisfying control. That leaves the person wearing it open for stimulation.

Two strap – shaped like a G-string, this model provides enough control and can be very comfortable. While it doesn’t leave the person wearing it open for other stimulation, the middle strap can provide pleasure during use.

Corset – to provide more support, this model cinches at the sides. Comfortable and interesting, this model offers many additional options.

Lingerie – Made to fit like standard underwear, these are the simplest to put on. However, they offer less support and less control.

A bit about strapless models

And now, something new. Strapless strap-ons arrived at the market just recently, and they are incredibly interesting. They have no harness, and all they offer to the wearer in terms of attachment is a bulb that can be grasped internally. With every thrust, both partners receive stimulation, which is why this model is gaining popularity rapidly.

Pro Tips

*Never skip lube just to have better control. You could regret it.

*Try to hit the right angle. Whether you’re aiming to stimulate a prostate or a G-spot, doggy style is the right choice.

*Get acquainted with your toy. You need to be comfortable with your strap-on before you use it with your partner. Try wearing it when you’re alone, to get a better feel for it.

*Always be patient. To use a strap-on, you and your partner have to trust each other. So, go slowly, listen to your partner, and pay attention to non-verbal cues.

The key to enjoying strap-ons lies in patience and trust. As soon as you get that, you’ll start having a lot of fun.