6 Steps to Picking Up Girls at Concerts

In every genre of music, concerts typically play a big role in fan enjoyment. All music lovers dream of seeing their favorite superstars live. I’ve been to dozens of concerts and at them I have picked up several women.

There are similarities between gaming at a concert and gaming at a night club. However, the concert is still its own unique scenario.

There are a few challenges you will experience when gaming women at concerts. The first major challenge will be dealing with a girl’s friends. No girl goes to concerts alone. Her friends might try to cockblock you. Lean to handle them through the article on Handling Her Friends.

The other challenges you are bound to encounter are the loud music that will hinder your communication and packed crowds that will make it otherwise difficult to move through and reach your targets. I will explain how to deal with all of these obstacles in this article.

While seducing women at concerts, it’s all about following the right steps and knowing what action to take next. Without further ado, let’s get to it:

Step #1: Go to the Right Show

When hoping to pick up girls at concerts, this should be your first and most crucial step. The type of concert you attend determines the types of girls you will encounter and how successful you will be.

You’ll probably find decent girls that’ll make you wait long for sex at a Gospel concert, while you’ll find down and dirty girls at a rock or hip hop concert.

Whatever show you choose, it should be one that’s going to be fun and where people will be dancing. Let’s say one involving a musical act that’s popular at the moment – everyone will be turned up and excited. Dull concerts are not conducive for physical escalation. Night concerts also happen to be the most convenient because girls will be more willing to go home with a random guy than during the day.

Choose bigger venues too. Such places offer plenty of options and one might even get lucky enough to close with several girls.

When seeking to score notch counts at a concert, another rule of thumb is to attend one that people can get loose at. A concert where alcohol is prohibited offers limited chances. Girls will be on their guard and you won’t even have fun gaming them either. You may want to have a drink or two to loosen up. Just don’t get too wasted.

Step #2: Choose Convenient Ground

Picking up girls at concerts is easier when you are close to the stage. There are two (2) reasons why being in close proximity to the performing acts gives you better chances than being further out:

  • A lot of girls like getting to the front row. They want to feel a connection with the performers. Actually, ladies happen to be more emotionally connected to celebrities than men. This is the reason why there are more female groupies than male ones. Aside from having lots of options at the front, you’ll have a bunch of girls that are super excited and charged up. You’ll grind on them as the music is playing and they won’t offer any resistance or react badly. You’ll touch them and they’ll be cool with it all because they are in great spirits.
  • I’ve learned that at most concerts, the girls at the back are dejected and upset that they couldn’t get to the front row to see their favorite artists. They won’t be in the best of moods and you game might keep bouncing off her like a ball. Of all the times I have tried gaming girls at the outer layers of a concert crowd, I’ve only succeeded once or twice. However, I have never failed with the girls in the front. Another major setback is that girls at the back won’t concentrate on you anyway. All the time she’ll be busy craning her neck trying to see the artists.

Picture this: You have tickets to a show headlined by one of your favorite musical acts. It’s not in a stadium so you have to try and get to the front row. How do you even do that? Obviously, the smart thing to do would be to wait for hours for the gates to open.

What if you are late? – what’s your play to get to one of the front rows?

There’s a wide array of strategies you can use to get through crowds. Shoving and powering yourself like a bulldozer through bodies can work in certain situations, but it is also pretty blunt, rude, and will make you really unpopular within a few seconds. Another way is to just tap on shoulders politely and convey your interest to go forward. It will make it look like you have a friend ahead that you are eager to get to, or at least have some semblance of a reason to be closer to the performing acts. People generally respond more positively to straightforward requests rather than demands and force.

However, while these strategies might work, there can be smarter ways to do it. Drafting can be a great alternative. This entails looking for a group of people pushing their way through the crowd, then following them. Pretend you’re part of the migrating crew, ask everyone around you to excuse you until you spot a girl you find attractive in the vicinity. Since this migration is going to be slow, you’ll be able to make educated guesses on the girls you are passing. Is that dude on her other side romantically involved with her or is he just another hopeful dude trying out his luck? Your goal is to get to a ‘fertile zone’ without really making it look like you are. You could also pretend to be a security guy if you think your looks will let you play the part.

Step #3: Announce your presence

Finally, you are next to a girl you like. There’s no need to jump at the opportunity. The trick is to remain pretty inconspicuous, while radiating waves of confidence. You probably brought some buddies along and you are all chanting and drinking, because your number one goal is to have all the fun you possibly can. Talk to your friends in a rather loud voice that’ll be heard by the girl you are eying as well as the people around you. It’s a concert, nobody will vilify you.

You’ve already positioned yourself well. Now you’re genuinely having fun with your buddies and enjoying the music. This will generally get people’s attention. The ladies around you will be thinking,

“Who are these guys? They seem like cool guys. They know how to have fun. Hanging out with them sounds like a great time.”

Of course, while you are busy having fun, some incidental contact with the girl you like will come into play, and at this stage you should try to make direct eye contact. Girls like it when you show teeth so go ahead and smile.

Step #4: Introduce Yourself

After rubbing each other involuntarily for several minutes, it’s definitely time to tell her who you are. Tell her your name and steer away from asking things like what her occupation is, where she went to college, what the name of her pet is, or whether she lives alone. It’s been proven that such questions aren’t good ice-breakers in any situation. Moreover, they become useless at a loud concert.

How about you talk about the band instead?

Let her tell you her favorite song, how many concerts she’s been to, and how often she goes out. You can offer to buy her a drink too.

Don’t be too afraid of what she thinks of you. It’s only a damn concert, not a romantic date. If you become too concerned about her opinion of you, you’ll try to micromanage the entire situation in an effort to make things perfect. The result? She’ll go sour quickly. She’ll become annoyed at how possessive and self-centered you seem.

Step #5: Avoid Being Too Direct

Even though I emphasize making an overt first move, concerts can be a funny place. Grabbing a girl by the waist and initiating some grinding might be effective if she’s in a great mood and if you seem like a cool guy, but it can be totally embarrassing if she decides to hastily disengage from your grip and hurl obscenities at you. You run the high risk of looking like a horny creepy bastard. Wait to see if she’s really interested in you first before deciding to go aggressive.

Is she warming up to you? If you’re at the right kind of concert, revelers are going to start pairing off after the first couple songs have been performed. It’s happening all over the crowd, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and it’s something she’s going to want to get involved in. If you’ve been portraying yourself as a fun guy up to this point, she’ll want to dance with you.

It’s a simple concept, so don’t be afraid to initiate it. If you are an outgoing guy, you’ve noticed how often girls will just want to dance with the guy dancing next to them. It doesn’t sound like the norm, but in truth, girls are just scared of initiating a dance. If you grind on her and she acts as a willing recipient, you are doing quite well. But if she flat out refuses any kind of contact, press the reset button and move back to point number 2.

This ushers in our most crucial stage:


From here onwards you are on the road to her heart or pussy, whichever it is that you are after. You’ve just got to take charge of things. But it’s a concert and you could demolish the attraction in a minute if you do something silly. The girl has several other guys around her. She doesn’t have to stick by you. Keep any blunders at bay.

  1. Be fully present: You have settled on her and decided she’s the one you want for the night. Your eyes should not dart around the place at all the other ladies shaking their bums. You’ll make her feel underappreciated. Like every other guy, you might think you are being discreet with your eyes but she’ll notice. Make sure your attention is on her. Create that special shell where it feels like it’s just you and her against the world.
  2. It’s all about her: I like emphasizing this point because it matters a lot. Appreciate and dwell on who and where she is at the moment. At one concert, I was into a really hot girl. She started talking about how her phone had been stolen. I just stood with her and gently listened as she ranted with teary eyes. After about 30 minutes, she said “Wow, I feel much better now. Thank you for listening to me.” Me simply being there for her was more effective than me trying to fix and distract her. Even though she was in a bad mood, I wasn’t repelled by it. She went home with me after the concert and dominated me in bed, perhaps to spray out her frustrations. I am glad to say it was one of the wildest sexual encounters I have ever had. Whatever she brings up in your interaction, celebrate and acknowledge it. Is it something fun and juicy? Dive in, laugh, and pat her on the back. Is it something emotional and uncomfortable? Stay in the moment with her. Listen and console her. DO NOT try to shift the topic to one with a ‘happier’ tone. Don’t try to fix her problem. Encourage her to share about it more so that the two of you can explore and deal with it together.
  3. Make her see the impact she’s having on you: I learned that one of the best ways to create a deeper connection with a woman is letting her know she’s impacting you in the moment. Women want to feel you deep inside. They find pleasure in knowing that you are right there with them and not mentally floating away. They say that communication is just an exchange of several ideas but ‘connecting’ is a visceral experiencing. Want an easy sentence stem to use? Say: “When you told me ___ , I really felt ______” get it?
  4. Milk the body language: It’s a concert, you shouldn’t be saying too many things anyway. Why is this so? You’ll realize that you’ll keep repeating yourself as most of the words will have been absorbed by the music. Yelling at a girl to communicate is pointless. Too much talk takes you both out of the music, which was ostensibly the major reason you went to the show to begin with. Sometimes you ought to just chill out and practice being with her. Go slow on trying to impress with the cool questions and jokes. You don’t have to keep talking. Take a deep breath or just look at her and smile. Connection tends to happen between the words. Keep the lid on it and let the attraction water boil.
  5. Don’t act silly: If you’ve been drinking, things might get tricky. Losing your cool is never a good look. If you are acting all blotto by the third song, she’ll be way less likely to move things forward. Avoid jumping and shouting while trying to dance. Just keep calm and focus on the girl you want to bang.


You’ve been spending time with this girl for most of the concert, and it’s time to make a move and ask her to go have some real fun with you. It’s time to extract her. Everyone’s got a few in their repertoire, while asking to dance is perfectly acceptable, going for the “Wanna go home with me?” question probably isn’t the smoothest. Do better. Feel it out. You’ve come this far, you will be able to make it happen.

As my fellow Girls Chase writer Alek Rolstad puts it, “You have more chances of extracting her when the interaction reaches a high note (she is getting really horny).”

You could drag her gently out of the venue or just ask her to leave with you.

Have a pre-determined location where you are going to bang her. Your place? Her place? The bathroom? Your car? Go with whichever suits you the most.

Lead her, because women like to be led.

If you seem confused about the next move, her attraction will dwindle quicker than you thought.

Be sure, and lead on.

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