Looking to UP your sex drive? Listen to this!

Are you looking to up your sex drive? Listening to music could be the key to improving your sex life! It’s no secret that playing some chill or intense tunes is one of the easiest ways to get your partner in the mood. 

Certified sex therapists believe that music can improve your arousal and orgasm too. And countless studies have proven that to be true! Check out how music can make you and your partner horny and even make it easier for you to get laid!

Listening to Music Increases Your Chances of Having Sex

According to science, turning up the volume can make your partner more interested in sex. It can also increase your partner’s sex drive. In fact, louder music is fantastic for boosting libido. In a recent study carried out by the audio-system company Sonos, neuroscientists examined the link between music and people’s sexual desires. 

Around 30,000 people were questioned, and a staggering 67% of participants claimed that they have more sex when they listen to loud music. So what’s the catch? Well, music causes a release of oxytocin in your brain. Oxytocin is the same chemical that makes you feel good during sexual satisfaction. When stimulated through music, it has a powerful effect that decreases stress hormones. It also heightens your feelings towards your partner.


Music Can Influence Who You Choose to Have Sex With

If you’ve ever felt turned-on while listening to music that seemingly came out of nowhere, you’re not the only one. Science says that certain sexy songs can put you in the mood. However, they can also influence the way you choose your sexual partner. 

A study from the Media Psychology journal investigated how certain genres affect you while meeting new partners. The study found that we are much more inclined to meet our future partners and feel turned on if we listen to sexy music. That includes tunes with sexually suggestive lyrics and provocative rhythms. 

Also, if you are jamming out to sexually charged tracks, you are more likely to look for a partner based on their sex appeal. Some factors that influence this are lyrical comprehension and song familiarity. If a dance or pop song pumps out words that constantly talk about sexual activity, your partner’s mind will automatically crave sex! That’s certainly not a bad sex tip if you find yourself in a rut! 

Music Makes You Feel Good as Hell

Aside from actual sexual healing, music is one of the only things in nature that has the same tranquilizing side effects on our minds. 

As mentioned, it releases pleasure-inducing chemicals like oxytocin. Whenever we listen to a song we love, we also get a huge rush of serotonin and dopamine. These “happy” hormones are actually the same ones that flood our minds and bodies during orgasms.

In another study from 2011, researchers examined the subjects’ brains on music through magnetic imaging. The experiment concluded that music acts as an abstract stimulus. It causes us to feel euphoric. It makes us crave more pleasure, which is a nearly identical response compared to the one we exhibit during sex. The study also found that we can reach the emotional peak of our arousal while listening to music

Music Makes It Easier to Approach the Person You’re Into

And while music makes us feel hornier and impacts our sex lives, it also makes it easier for us to get dates. 

A study published by Sage Journals tried to prove that our choice of music impacts our dating decisions. When one group of romantic music listeners were compared against a group of non-listeners, the researchers found a surprising result. 

Namely, the female participants who listened to sexy music made a connection with male participants within 5 minutes. What’s more, women who listened to music during the experiment were much more likely to agree to go on a date. In short, women are more likely to comply if you ask them out while playing some soulful tunes! 

The Songs That Work for Americans

Obviously, music is subjective. What works for you may not work for everyone. You could certainly catch your partner off-guard if you pull your pants down and play some brutal death metal. Still, there are certain genres and songs that make most of us want to jump into bed. 

Deezer, the acclaimed music platform, recently conducted a study in partnership with Tracey Cox, a renowned sex expert. The “Aphro-Deezer-ac” report came to similar conclusions compared to most of the other examples that we’ve talked about. However, Deezer also analyzed the key tracks that get the majority of people worked up and ready for hanky-panky. 

Unsurprisingly, Marvin Gaye ranked the highest when it comes to “sexy time” songs. Over a third of people picked “Let’s Get It On” as their top mood-booster track! The other two key songs were “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne and “Skin” by Rhianna. Moreover, Lionel Richie was the runner-up, securing 18% of the vote, while around 16% of people picked Luther Vandross. And when it comes to the flops, nearly 40% of people said that Justin Bieber’s music made them lose their sexual appetite. Additionally, Eminem and Kanye West received the same reaction. 

Turn It Up! 

Now that you know how loud music can boost your libido, it’s time to pump up the volume and get busy! Happy humping!

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