New hi-tech sex toys aim to enhance festival experience as ‘discreet’ gizmos vibrate to music

Festival revellers are being invited to spice up their outdoor gig experiences this summer – with a new range of hi-tech sex toys that vibrate to music.

Made with ‘discreet pleasure in public’ in mind, the hi-tech gadgets are controlled via a mobile phone app through a Bluetooth connection.

They are concealed inside underwear, away from prying eyes.

And they’ve been unleashed in time for the festival season, say the makers, who reckon we find arousal in exposing our sexual selves to the gaze of others.

They’re being billed as the perfect accompaniment to the summer music season – adding a naughty element of secret pleasure to any gig.

A PicoBong spokeswoman said: “With the summer fast approaching and the music festivals season about to kick-off, PicoBong is poised to become your main provider of unforgettable experiences and sexual exploration!”

Based in San Francisco, California, US, the toys are being crowdfunded through the website Indiegogo with a tentative launch set for June.

The makers say that owners can touch and swipe their mobiles to make the app’s cartoon character dance to six different types of musical genres – which in turn translate as six different vibration patterns on the sex toy itself.

An accompanying blurb explains: “Remoji bumps to the beat of different music genres – hip-hop, indie, punk, jazz, techno, or dub-step – so you can settle into your perfect rhythm.

“Give him a swipe he’ll switch it up the speed, change his dance style and keep you both building up to that ultimate drop.

“When researching different vibration patterns we realised we have something really cool to work with – namely the music we listen to every day.

“And of course, different music styles, besides inspiring different rhythms when it comes to our sex playlist, also have different visual footprints according to the beat, so we want to translate our six different vibration patterns into music genres― with REMOJI taking on a unique character for each one.”

New York City based sex researcher and author Dr Zhana Vrangalova said: “There is something very arousing in exposing your nude or sexual self to the gaze of others – in a recent study of over 1,000 Canadian adults, 35% of men and 27% of women reported interest in having sex with a partner in front of other people or where there were at risk of being seen.”

PicoBong are keen to stress that their sex toys are ‘near silent’, waterproof, made from body-safe silicone, and USB rechargeable.

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