Things to consider before buying chastity belts

Chastity belts are fun. There are so many different types you can find, and each offers something unique and different. But there are still a few things you need to know about them before you try them on.

How long do you intend to wear the device?

One of the most important things to know if you plan to wear a chastity device is how long you intend to do it. Based on your answer, you’ll be able to find a sex toy that will work for you.

The primary reason why you should consider the length of your sessions is that the material of the toy can make it either enjoyable or the exact opposite. Not every cock cage is designed for longer use, and some can be quite uncomfortable. It would be rather challenging to wear a cage made of medical-grade stainless steel for a whole night, and you’d probably have problems falling asleep with it.

You also want to buy a chastity device that’s easy to clean since you need to stay healthy and avoid any problems with the toy. If you plan on using it with a partner, remember that communication is key. Talk to them and hear what they have to say. What are their plans?

Today, you can find chastity belts and cages made of a variety of materials. There are leather ones, metal, silicone, plastic, and so on. Each of these models can do well based on the amount of time you plan on wearing them. Metal devices are fun; they are unforgiving, and they are incredible for shorter sessions. However, if you plan to use the toy for a couple of days or more, try finding something a bit more comfortable.

Know your size

The next thing on the list to consider is the size. When getting a chastity cage or belt, you need to find a toy that’s a perfect fit. If you opt for a bigger model, removing the device will be an issue. It will defeat the whole purpose of the toy if you can remove it whenever you want.

On the other hand, getting a toy that’s too small can cause problems, especially if we’re talking about male chastity. If there isn’t enough room, the toy can damage the tissue on the penis and cause permanent damage. But having a perfect-sized toy is not important for guys only.

Those who are looking for belts should also consider side effects and try to find a toy that is a snug fit. Keep in mind that the girth of the belt is often more important than its length. The safest option for either belts or cages is to find an adjustable one. This way, you will be sure that the toy will not cause any problems.


Now, let’s talk about locks. The point of chastity devices is that the dominant partner will use the toy to prevent their partner from experiencing pleasure. To achieve this, they will need to lock their partner’s private parts for the duration of the play session. Of course, deciding how long you’ll wear it is completely up to you and your partner, and some couples go for months.

The only important thing for long-term chastity is that you remove the toy for hygiene. So what type of lock should you look for? Is a sturdy padlock a good idea? It turns out that it isn’t.

You don’t want to lock your partner for real. It is all part of the chastity play, and the couple agrees to do it. It is all consensual. This means that you should find a lock that’s secure enough not to fall down, but you can break it easily in case of an emergency.

Another thing to mention is that having a spare key is a must. Both partners need to own a key or at least have one nearby they can use in case something goes wrong. If you think that they can be sneaky and remove the toy when their partner is not around, you are right. But it would ruin the fun, and if they feel like cheating, maybe chastity is not for them.

Test the device

Once you find the toy that seems exciting, you should test it — of course, not with your genitals. Try to see how it works, get familiar with it, and understand what it has to offer. You need to know what the moving parts are, how secure the lock is, and everything else about it.

It is still possible that you find a toy that’s not a perfect size, and don’t hesitate to throw it away, at least metaphorically. You don’t want to use something unfitting, and the idea of the toy is to prevent erections, not blood flow.

Once you are sure that the toy is functional, you can start using it. Our suggestion is to start small if you are inexperienced and build your way up slowly. Don’t try to wear the toy for a long time until you become used to the feeling of wearing it.

Helpful tips

Based on the type of toy, the amount of time you plan on wearing it, and so on, you will need to know a couple of tips. Firstly, hygiene is key to success. You need to clean your toy as often as needed. As with other sex toys, maintenance is the most important thing.

Not only will it prolong the toy’s life, but it will also keep you healthy and allow you to enjoy using it as long as you want. While we are on the subject of length, trimming or shaving your pubes might be a good idea. Pubic hair can get stuck in the mechanism of the toy, and trying to remove it will be painful.

Hygiene is especially important for chastity belts since they don’t have enough space for anything.  Lovegasm thinks about your health, and they recommend removing the toy at least every couple of days. That’s why your safety is more important than your chastity play sessions.

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